Huawei unveils the hybrid Matebook

Move over, Microsoft: Huawei are the latest marque to step up to the hybrid arena with the official reveal of the Matebook, its Windows 10 laptablet.

For years, Microsoft has enjoyed being king of the ‘hybrid’ moniker with its Surface, Surface Pro and Surface Book models. Now, Huawei is a new challenger in an increasingly competitive arena with the reveal of the Matebook.
While we’ve previously heard rumours that Huawei might be preparing such a product, indications had posited that the device would run Windows 10 and Android side-by-side, which isn’t the case.
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The Matebook is aimed squarely at the Surface Pro 4 and iPad Pro, and sports a 12-inch LCD with a 10mm bezel on its screen. Further, its accessory keyboard retails separately at $129 USD, and is water resistant.
Further, the device sports a larger trackpad than the Surface Pro, and offers an equally competitive stylus, the MatePen, for $59 USD.
Finally, the device will ship alongside one last accessory; the $89 USD MateDock, which offers HDMI, VGA, Ethernet, and two USB Ports to complement the device’s USB Type C port.
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