Top 5: Reasons why Android is better

The Google ecosystem needs no introduction. This is 5 reasons why Android is better than all other software ecosystems

When Google set out to create a mobile operating system they decided to do something no other company did. Android was to become the operating system of the people. Sure, it is to drive their thriving search engine business, but no one could have created something completely distinct while feeding their primary business like Google has.
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To that end, we look at what makes Android distinct to the other major operating systems, and more to the point, the reasons why Android is better than iOS and Windows Mobile.

Devices and prices to fit your needs

There is only one platform that will offer something for everyone. The massive variety you get from the likes of LG, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Huawei, Sony and many more tells a story unto itself.
You can get a compact phone, something with a huge touchscreen, a stylus, a rotating camera, an edge screen, or even a physical keyboard such as found on the Blackberry Priv. There is something that will suit most people, then there are devices that are extremely niche but which you will only find on Android, like a dual camera setup or s dual SIM tray which doubles as microSD card slot. Many will also have removable batteries.
It can also be found in every form factor you can think of and appeals to every person in a very specific yet all-encompassing way.
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One of the strong points of Android has always been the level of customization it allows. While Apple wants to keep control of default apps in order to maintain a homogenous software and hardware experience, Android lets you pick your own level of customization. Windows Mobile is almost just as prohibitive as iOS.
Not only does Android offer software customisation, but you won‘t ever find another platform that delivers on customisation in the hardware form as does Android. Think of the likes of Motorola and LG that offer different leather, wood and plastic backs to their phones. Or ASUS and ZTE that have different internal options on their various devices. You won‘t find that anywhere else, folks.
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Launchers and ROMs

Google‘s mobile operating system offers something very unique in this sense. You can actually buy a device just for its hardware, and make the software do whatever you want it to without sacrificing anything in terms of performance or look and feel.
If you want control over how your Android smartphone or tablet looks then you‘ve probably tried out a custom launcher. You can choose from a wide variety of custom launcher apps in Google Play and tweak everything from your home screen layout, to your page transitions, to effects and even gestures.
Not only that, but you can actually replace the software that came with your device with a custom ROM if you want to. This is essentially installing a new operating system and many Android users do it because their carrier or manufacturer is slow to upgrade to the latest version of the Android platform, but you may also do it for better performance or to gain access to some add-ons or tools.
This is definitely the extreme end of Android customization and you need to exercise a little caution to ensure that you don‘t run into trouble.
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Google Now and Google Integration

One of the standout features of Android over the last couple of years has been and is still Google Now. Sure, the likes of Siri and Cortana may be a bit more personal, but neither get close to delivering the kind of detail, in-depth information and context that Google Now delivers. With Marshmallow, Google Now on Tap is even more impressive than any contextual information has ever been on an operating system before. Use it, and be amazed.
Android devices integrate seamlessly with Google‘s array of services. People are increasingly using their mobile devices to go online and Google is king of the web. Google Docs, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Music, Google+, Google Chrome“¦the list goes on, and iOS and Windows Mobile are not keeping up. Neither platform provides a compelling alternative, so this is a bit of a no issue, really.
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More free apps and games

It may be a double-edged sword, but you can‘t escape the fact that there are more free apps and games on Android than there are on Windows Mobile, and more importantly, iOS. There seems to be a greater willingness to pursue the freemium or ad-supported model.
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