Alton Towers unveils the 'Galactica' VR rollercoaster

Alton Towers has unveiled the Galactica VR rollercoaster, which allows users to equip headsets and enjoy a journey through space.

If you’d prefer your adrenaline rush delivered through a headset, good news – you can now ride the world’s first virtual reality ride, the Galactica VR rollercoaster.
Alton Towers today released a teaser trailer for its new Galactica VR rollercoaster ride, which can be enjoyed through a proprietary headset.
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The ride will officially open in April, is the first real-life rollercoaster to implement virtual reality in the United Kingdom.
Alton Towers has elaborated that the Galatica VR rollercoaster ride will see users enjoy a trip into deep space, with movement synchronised to the peaks and valleys of the rollercoaster and a maximum speed of 75km/h.
Sensors inside each VR headset will monitor and tailor graphics accordingly, though users will be strapped tightly into the ride and will largely be unable to move their heads to any great degree.
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