LG’s insane 8K TV shown at CES 2016

4K is so 2015 ““ in fact, it‘s for losers, right? Bring us 8K!

It wouldn‘t be CES without some manufacturers showing up with a massive TV screen. This year, though, they have (once again) increased the resolution of these displays. The real mind-blowing screens at this CES are the giant 8K prototypes that will blast your eyeballs with millions upon millions of pixels.
LG has brought their mammoth 98-inch 8K TV to CES 2016 in Las Vegas, with screens of this resolution being coined “œsuper ultra-high-definition.“ We‘ve gone from HD to SUHD in no time!
These displays won‘t be in our living rooms anytime soon ““ and neither would you want them to be at their likely prices ““ but display technology is evolving extremely quickly. In the latter half of 2015 we saw the first smartphone with a 4K display, and now this giant 8K TV screen. Sony have barely announced their 4K Blu-ray players, so who knows when these puppies will become mainstream.
8K screens are a party trick. An amazing one without a doubt, but years off from being anywhere useful. We as consumers should just be happy tech is moving in the right direction.
Source: GSMArena
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