Google + gets a brand new design

Every Google employee’s favourite social network has received a massive design update, which emphasises site favorites such as Communities and Collections.
The update, which is the largest yet of its kind to reach the social network, re-centers the social network on features that its community has focussed on since launch; the ability to form into interest groups known as Communities, and the Collections feature, which was launched five months ago in an effort to group users’ posts by topic.
The new Google +, as its eponymous parent company has decided to brand the makeover, further features a new design that re-emphasises Google’s commitment to Material Design.
The social network now will, according to Google, be centered around its users interests in an effort to make the platform more easy to use. Further, the social network has been rebuilt across its web, Android and iOS platforms to ensure visual consistency between large and smaller screens.
Users interested in trying out the new version of Google + will be able to opt-in to the new changes. Once enabled, users will be greeted by a quick tour that re-familiarises them with the basics of the social network.
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What’re your thoughts on Google +’s redesign? Will it be enough to reinvigorate interest in the social network? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!