Google's Android One program set to make a comeback

A new report suggests that Alphabet, the new holding company that now owns Google, is gearing up to relaunch its Android One program in developing markets.
Android One, which is designed to operate as a low cost platform in developing countries, was launched in India last year. The hope behind Android One was that manufacturers would use the platform to create cheap handsets that would retail for approximately $100 USD.
However, few manufacturers adopted the platform; MTN brought the Android One based Infix Hot 2 to South Africa, yet it seemed the platform was destined for obscurity.
Now, a report from the Wall Street Journal posits that Google may be relaunching Android One with the same price tag, but with more relaxed hardware requirements.
According to the report, Android One partners will now be able to choose from a greater variety of suppliers for handset components; including the ability to choose from 5 different camera suppliers as opposed to one.
Android One is scheduled to launch “in the coming months”, according to the report, and will likely launch first in India once again.
What are your thoughts on the potential return of Android One? Could the platform see growth in South Africa? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!