According to new reports, Samsung and LG are ramping up the development of a foldable display.

We still don‘t know if 2016 will be the years of fully flexible phones, but many signs seem to point toward it being the start of the foldable phone revolution. Last month, we heard that Samsung will release a foldable phone soon, and now we get more news that both them and LG are ramping up the development of a foldable display. You have to keep in mind that, in order to bend without hindrance, a phone needs a slew of malleable components, not just the foldable screens Samsung and LG are reportedly very close to begin mass-manufacturing. Endurance is of course another worry ““ will these devices make it through a couple of years of bending? According to local media, these devices are nearing production quality. Apparently, a foldable two-part 11-inch tablet panel has already been patented by Samsung, and this could be used as a starting point for the Valley handheld‘s futuristic realization. We also have some interesting news, completely from left field, that the iPhone that will be released in 2018 may be capable of curling up in a ball to fit into your pocket. If that is true, the technology still has a far way to go in a short amount of time. Source: GforGames Follow Theunis on Twitter: @Theunis_BWB