BWB Monthly: Top 10 Articles of September ‘15

While we go through our daily lives, we don‘t always have the time to read up about all the interesting things we necessarily want to. While consumer technology news never really stops, hopefully your workday does, and you can take a look at ten of our biggest articles in tech news in the last month, according to our readers.
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  1. Google rumour roundup: Nexus devices, Android Marshmallow

This week we are expecting some major announcements from Google. Although official details are scarce, we have collected bits and pieces of information over the last couple of months. This is everything you can expect from Google at the event on the 29th of September.
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  1. iPhone 6s breaks Apple sales records“¦ again

Like clockwork, Apple have released the sales figures from its opening weekend, and once again the iPhone 6s has broken Apple‘s record for iPhones sold in that opening three day period.
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  1. Competition: Huawei P8 Giveaway!

That‘s right, folks. It‘s the one many of you have been asking for over the last couple of weeks. We are giving away the Huawei P8 flagship smartphone.
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  1. Huawei P8 Video Review ““ Bandwidth Blog TV

Last year, Huawei decided to invest a lot of money into their smartphone arm and tried to take on the big boys with the Ascend P7, which after some retrospection we realised wasn‘t a great first attempt into the flagship line. The device wasn‘t bad by any means, but it wasn‘t anything to get excited about either.
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  1. Panic! : An app for emergencies

You‘ve heard it here first. An app in development, designed to be your emergency call when there is no other option. According to an SAPS report for 2012/13, the SAPS take 18 minutes and 45 seconds to respond to a crime taking place and less than 23 minutes to react to crimes already committed. To be in a situation of distress and have to wait that long, would feel like a life time. Welcome the Panic app.
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  1. NASA find signs of liquid water on Mars‘ surface

NASA scientists announced a breaking discovery today; that flowing water has been found on the surface of Mars, ending decades of speculation that the red planet could indeed be home to not only water, but potentially life.
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  1. Elephone unveils the dual-booting Vowney smartphone

Up until now, dual-booting operating systems has traditionally been a feat reserved for certain tablets alongside more powerful netbooks and desktop systems. Chinese company Elephone have decided to buck this trend with the release of the “˜Vowney‘, a flagship contender that is able to dual-boot Windows 10 Mobile alongside Android 5.0 Lollipop.
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  1. Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Huawei P8: Flagship showdown

Huawei have made massive advancements in a short time period. The Chinese firm is now actually the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, mostly driven by high sales domestically, but they have now started making waves around the world. Let‘s see how these two giants stack up, Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Huawei P8.
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  1. BlackBerry confirms its first Android phone

Following months of speculation, BlackBerry has now officially confirmed that its first Android phone ““ previously known under the moniker “˜Venice‘ is in development.
CEO John Chen confirmed today that the company‘s Android smartphone will arrive ““ much like rumours posited ““ alongside a slide-out keyboard.
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  1. Samsung slates foldable phone for January release

Earlier this year, we reported on Samsung‘s designs to introduce a fully foldable phone into its product lineup by the end of the year ““ now, new reports have posited that the company is readying it‘s “œProject Valley“ smartphone for an early January 2016 release.
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