BlackBerry release official images of Priv, its Android hopeful

Last week, BlackBerry officially confirmed the existence of the BlackBerry Priv, letting press know what its intentions are with this upcoming Android device. They confirmed the name, and also showed a quick hands-on of the device with CEO John Chen.
For a smartphone that had yet to make its official debut, BlackBerry sure was being pretty cavalier about showing the Priv off. As we wait to get full details on the phone, BlackBerry‘s continuing that streak with the release of the first official press images.
While they might not tell us anything new about the device, it does confirm that BlackBerry will be launching the device relatively soon. Not only that, but the side views do show a little more detail about the position of the slider. Those curved sides look like they will be easy to scratch, protruding from the rest of the handset.
BlackBerry promises “œmore images, videos and details about PRIV‘s specs“ soon, not to mention details on when and how the phone can be purchased, but for now these new renders are all we‘ve got.
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