Sonos releases the new Play:5 with TruePlay app

Wireless speakers have become the must-have accessories for music lovers these days. The market is flooded with everything from cheap Bluetooth setups to higher-end Wi-Fi systems like the ranges from Denon and Samsung. One of the most recognisable names however is Sonos. The company has been doing multi-room wireless audio for more than a decade. They announced the latest Play:5 speaker yesterday alongside TruePlay, a software update that will let current and future Sonos owners custom-tune their speakers to sound ideal in any room, with any kind of placement.
Sonos is continuing to bet that the best way for it to differentiate itself is to provide a listening experience that is as close to what the artist intended in the studio as possible, and if the new products and its recent sales trajectory are any indication, it‘s working. They have also totally redesigned the Play:5’s speaker setup, moving away from the tweeters, mid-range driver and sub-woofer. It now packs a driver array of three mid-woofers and three top of the range tweeters.
On the tech side the Sonos’ Trueplay application uses the microphone on either your iPhone or iPad, a simple tone from your Sonos speaker and is then able to calibrate it specifically to your room. The app analyses the tone sent from the speaker and measures how the sound bounces off the various walls and materials used in your home. Trueplay isn’t restricted to the new Sonos Play:5 speakers though, it’s being made available for all Sonos Play:1, Play:3 and existing Play:5 systems.
The new Play:5 will retail for $499 in the US.
Source: TechRadar
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