Samsung brings back the TV 'set' with the Serif TV

The humble television wasn’t always the ultra-thin, wall-mounted “appliance” we know today — it used to be a piece of furniture, wrapped in an elegant case of wood, plastics and metal. Now, Samsung is bringing the idea of a stylized ‘TV Set’ back, introducing a an expensive, font-inspired television called the Serif TV.
The name is a wildly overt nod to the television’s shape — a thick chassis with ledges that jut out from the top and bottom of the screen. When viewed in profile, these ‘serifs’ give the TV the distinct shape of a capital letter ‘I.’ This old-fashioned yet stylish design can stand up on its own, but add a pair of retro-looking legs and the design becomes shockingly nostalgic. It’s all about looks: there’s even a fabric panel on the TV’s backside to hide connectors and ports.

Samsung says the Serif TV will come in three models: a large UHD model (about 40-inches) a medium sized Full-HD model (30-inches) and as well as a smaller 24-inch set. All of the sets will have built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, as well. They’re fancy, but not cheap – when the 40-inch set hits stores in the UK, Sweden, Denmark and France on November 2nd, it’ll cost £1,199 (around R25,000). There’s also no word yet if these TVs will be hitting the international market at all, but we’ll let you know if we hear anything.
Source: Daily Maill
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