New iPad Pro planned for launch at Apple Event

Apple day is around the corner! September the 9th sees Apple introduce all their latest products. The event is set to be one of the largest in the history of the company, as is reflected by the expansive size of its San Francisco venue. Besides a pair of new iPhones, the substantially revamped Apple TV set top box, and new bands for the Apple Watch, Apple is currently planning to debut a pair of new iPads at next week‘s event. The long-rumored iPad Pro, and a refreshed version of the iPad mini, according to some rumors of course.
The iPad Pro (the actual name according to reports) is scheduled to hit US stores in November (hopefully early 2016 for SA). While rumors within Apple suggest that the MacBook-sized tablet will be making its debut on next week‘s stage, it is possible that Apple could still hold back the larger iPad for an early October event given the currently planned November ship date.
Nonetheless, the Bill Graham auditorium is a massive 7000-seat building, and sources suggest that it was deliberately chosen to reflect the event‘s scope. Apple has said over the past week that the event will be an “unprecedented” barrage of product introductions which could even top last year’s iPhone 6, Apple Watch and Apple Pay extravaganza. Should the iPad Pro see the light of day next week we are also likely to see the new iPad Mini 4 (a thinner version with faster A-series chip). The 3rd generation iPad Air will most likely only arrive in 2016.
the iPad Pro, codenamed J98/J99 internally, the larger-sized tablet will be geared toward power users and run iOS 9.1, support a Force Touch-based stylus, and include speakers on two sides for a more pronounced stereo effect. The new iOS 9.1 operating system is said to bring additional tweaks to the iPad Pro, including optimized versions of the Siri and Notification Center interfaces.
The event is shaping up to be a big one! Stay tuned to Bandwidth Blog next week to get all the details.
Source: 9to5Mac
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