Having a great gaming PC setup is never complete without a worthwhile display. Why spend all that money on serious gaming hardware if you can’t enjoy the full effect of the gaming graphics. A large high-definition (or ultra high-definition) display is required to make your gaming so much more rewarding. In this top 5 list we considered not only the best (read most expensive) displays but also those that deliver amazing value for money.

BenQ_RL2755HMBenQ XL2420G

The BenQ XL2420G is a feature-rich 24-inch gaming monitor that uses Nvidia’s G-Sync technology, and has a 144Hz refresh rate and a speedy pixel response to deliver an outstanding gaming experience. The display delivers bold colors, good gray-scale reproduction, and most importantly, outstanding gaming performance.
When you pair the monitor with a PC equipped with a compatible Nvidia graphics engine it provides crisp, stutter-free game play with no screen tearing or other motion defects. It comes at an eye watering R 13 000, but the cash gets you HDMI and DVI video inputs in addition to the requisite DisplayPort input, as well as advanced picture settings and picture presets that have been optimized for specific gaming applications. This is one of the best.


The 24-inch AOC display will combine really well with any gaming setup. Gamers will appreciate the AOC G2460PQU’s fast pixel response and 144Hz refresh rate, but its input lag, while adequate, could be faster. Pricing at a reasonable R5200 the AOC will impress with its accurate colors and variety of features, including a fully adjustable stand, multiple video inputs, speakers, and a USB hub.
The AOC performs really well when considering motion blur although you have the viewing angle problem prevalent in all TN-based displays. Alongside the LG 24GM77 below the AOC is probably one of the best mid-range gaming monitors out there.

lg-24gm77-LG 24GM77

This 24″ LG gaming monitor is a great choice for any gamer. Clocking in at a reasonable R 5000 you will struggle to find anything packing so much value at a lower price. The display delivers smooth gaming action and low input lag. It offers fairly accurate colors and a robust feature set, but like most TN-based monitors, its viewing-angle performance could be better.
Gamers wil enjoy the monitor’s extensive settings and customizable gaming modes. The LG shines as a really decent display that will allow gamers to extract every inch of their gaming experience.  Unfortunately for cool features, like variable refresh rates and ultra smooth game play you will have to cough up a bit more cash.

AOC-u2868Pqu-front-smallAOC U2868PQU

The mammoth sized AOC display racks up 28 inches of pixel heaven. If you are in the market for an amazing 28-inch UHD monitor, this baby should be on your short list. It’s packed with a variety of video and USB ports and has a fully adjustable ergonomic stand that lets you position the screen for maximum comfort and optimal viewing. More importantly, its 4K image quality is outstanding, and it delivers rich, bold colors and solid gray-scale performance.
As mentioned with the LG above it does suffer a bit from slightly skewed greens and narrow viewing angles, as mentioned very common in every TN-based UHD display (and is barely noticeable in the AOC). The AOC isn‘t exactly expensive: you can grab it for around R 6000, an excellent price for a 28-inch computer monitor that does 3 840×2 160.

asus-rog-swift-pg278q-g-sync-monitorAsus ROG Swift PG278Q

Ok, so here is another top dog. And by that I mean really expensive, but really awesome display. The Asus ROG Swift PG278Q is one the best, if not the best gaming monitor out there. Armed with G-Sync smoothing technology, speedy refresh and pixel response rates, and a sharp WQHD panel, this monitor is the perfect companion to your high-end gaming rig, and its ergonomic stand lets you adjust the panel for the optimal viewing position.
The only drawback of the Asus is that it only comes with one video input, but it offers unparalleled features designed to enhance your gaming experience. The amazing G-sync technology does come at a price however, R14 000 to be exact. If you do have that kind of money to spend on a gaming monitor the Asus will be worth every freaking cent.
Let us know what you think is the best gaming display out there!