Hangouts update brings interface and speed improvements

Google constantly tries to revamp its services and include more services, and the latest Hangouts update is no different. After rolling out the update to iPhone, Google has now pushed it through to Android phones and tablets.
It includes a new design with some speed enhancements, with the following key features:

  • Hangouts is sleeker. Now updated with material design, Hangouts has a new look and feel: items respond to your touch in more intuitive ways and transitions between tasks are more fluid.
  • Hangouts is simpler. The new Compose button makes it easier for you to start a new group or conversation. Our streamlined contacts list helps you find the right person quickly. And attachments have been revamped and simplified, so sharing“”of emoji, GIFs, your location, even multiple photos at once“”is a snap.
  • Hangouts is faster. Whether you’re sending a quick message or video chatting with family, you don’t want hold-ups. We’ve been obsessively fixing bugs and speeding up message delivery to make Hangouts faster and more reliable. Bonus: less battery consumption.

You can also now reply to group MMS messages (does anyone still use the MMS?) even with just a Google Voice number instead of the cell number. The Hangouts update has started rolling out to limited users, but you should receive it within the next couple of days.
Source: Google
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