Angry Birds Epic RPG will feature weapons forging

The massively popular Angry Birds series has been a cash cow for creator Rovio, with many spin-offs, including merchandising. The company is soon to release a new game in the series, straying from the bird flinging and venturing into the role playing game (RPG) space.
Angry Birds Epic will be a turn-based RPG with battles and armour building players expect from the genre. According to reports, players will not only create their weapons, but also potions and other provisions.
Unfortunately, as is the case with many mobile games, in-app purchases will form an integral part of making quick inroads into the game. Details are scarce for now, but an in-progress version is said to hit iTunes in Australia and Canada this week. The global launch is said to be sometime in 2014, with no more details about a timeline.

Source: 9to5Mac
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