Loop: World’s 1st mobile wallet that stores all your cards

Kickstarter has proved to be a very successful launching platform for many innovative ideas. The latest idea to reach its pledge goal is Loop. It claims to simplify your life by being able to safely and securely store all your cards, including cards for payments, your ID document, membership cards as well as gift cards.
That surely is a compelling thought, having all that information stored on your mobile device and having it all available at any time. The one concern most people will have is security, of course. With so much sensitive information located in one place it could be an attractive proposition for potential hackers.
It is intended to solve the problem haunting other mobile wallet solutions: there simply aren‘t enough retailers that accept the different payment methods. Having Loop available means that all your payment systems are combined in one simple solution. According to the campaign, more than 90% of retailers in the US will be able to accept Loop.
“œThe LoopWallet doesn’t get fatter with more cards loaded like our leather wallets do, and it can provide better interactions with participating card issuers and merchants that provide real-time data on balance, available credit and even deals and rewards. Loop is all about making life easier.“
Would you have security concerns? What do you think about Loop?