FNB launches Share Investing on the FNB app

If you are an FNB customer with many investments to keep track of ““ here is something that is sure to make your life a little easier.
Yesterday, FNB announced the availability of “˜Share Investing‘ on the FNB app.
The new function is available on the latest version of the popular banking app that is compatible on both smartphones and tablets.
The availability of FNB‘s “˜Share Investing‘ function, will give FNB customers the ability to buy, sell and keep track of all their investments ““ simply by using their smartphones or tablets.
The new functionality will give customers the opportunity to keep track of their investments and also provide them with an overview of their shares and SENS information. They will also be able to view market indicators, to aid them in making informed decisions.
The trading functionality will allow customers to buy and sell JSE-listed shares, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Kruger-rands.
Giuseppe Virgillito, the head of the FNB Banking App, FNB Mobile and Connect, says that the “˜Share Investing‘ function is easy to use:
“œExisting customers of both the Banking App and Share Investing are very similar and it makes sense to develop the new version of the Banking App to include the Share Investing functionality that is not only easy to use, but also fun to play with,“ he said.
As of yesterday, FNB customers that use the Banking app on their tablet, will now have the ability to open up new Share Investing accounts.
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Existing FNB Banking app users need simply download the latest version of the app to enjoy the new “˜Share Investing‘ functionality.
In addition to adding the new function to their Banking app, FNB also announced that the popular Banking app is now available for Windows 8 tablets, too.
Virgillito says that the new addition to the existing Banking app was developed because of customer demand:
“œThe development of our App is based on customer demand and our goal is to maintain a comprehensive and simple way of banking. The fast paced nature of share trading means that there is a clear need for anytime access to this platform and we believe that the mobility and real-time access of Apps compliments this“ he said.
In 2011, FNB was the first South African bank to launch a mobile banking app and currently serves more than 600 000 users. And it seems they are still the leaders in online banking innovation.
CEO of FNB Share Investing, Gusta Binikos, believes that the addition of the “˜Share Investing‘ function into the Banking app will make the process of investing and keeping track of investments, much, much easier:
“œThis is the next generation of banking which allows us to extend the availability of Share Investing to more clients. No longer do you need to rely on being close to a computer. Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can invest in shares or Krugerrands, easily wherever they are,“ he concluded.
According to Virgillito, 90% of FNB‘s Share Investing customers trade online, whilst 60% of these customers have access to a smart device. So, it only makes sense.
And sense it does. Well done, FNB ““ another step forward in online banking.
You can also check out the video below, for more details on the new function: