Jack Daniel's SA launches online store

The world‘s most famous whiskey has just launched their online store.
Jack Daniel’s, the Tennessee whiskey, has launched their South African online store  featuring collectable Jack Daniel’s items and clothing- so you can take home more than a bottle of Jack.
The online store offers Saffa‘s the opportunity to order anything Jack related and have it delivered to them – for free! – anywhere in the country.
Everything from t-shirts, to tank tops and even custom, Jack Daniel’s-branded jukeboxes can be found on the online store. The clothing is casual yet cool with the sought after Jack Daniel’s logo printed on them.
The t-shirts and other clothing is available in both men‘s and ladies style.
Aside from the clothing, the new online store also boasts a “˜Speciality Items‘ menu which features everything from iPod amplifiers to framed electric guitars – all in a Jack style of course.
The store, called “˜The Jack Daniel’s Hardware Store‘, is the first of its kind in South Africa. The idea to open a South African online store, came after the many inquiries  Jack Daniel’s South Africa received about buying genuine Jack branded items.
Dino D‘Araujo, head of marketing for Jack Daniel’s South Africa, says the JAck SA team are proud to finally bring local fans genuine Jack Daniel’s branded items and collectors pieces:
“œJD merchandise seems to have acquired a cult like status with our fans and we‘re excited to finally be offering items previously unattainable. We also plan to add a whiskey collection in the near future, which will enable our customers to purchase rare Jack Daniel‘s bottles and gift packs“  he said.
No official word yet on when South African fans can expect the whiskey collection to be added to the store, but we‘re guessing with the amount of Jack fans in South Africa, it shouldn‘t be too long.
As for the store itself; it is located on the Jack Daniel‘s South Africa Facebook page. With more than 82 000 fans, the Facebook page is where most of the fans and collectors flock to for all their Jack related news. And now, to buy the items, too.
If you‘re a Jack fan – whether it be to drink, to wear or to collect – you can check out the new online store on their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/JackDanielsSA
Source: BizCommunity