YouTube planning on launching subscription service

Soon music lovers across the globe might get to experience a better YouTube, if their reported subscription service is to come to life.
According to reports, Google is busy working on a YouTube subscription service which would supply subscribers with on-demand videos and offer them unlimited access to artists and their albums.
The idea is to make the YouTube subscription similar to the likes of popular music streaming services like Spotify or Except, of course, with video.
Although Google have already launched their own music platform, “˜Google Play Music: All Access‘ in May of this year, it seems they want to do something similar with YouTube.
Google acquired YouTube in November of 2006.
Google has also signed an agreement with with Warner Music Group back in March of this year, and by doing so, obtained the rights to launch the YouTube subscription service.
The agreement gives Google the right to launch an Android music platform, too.
The service will be made available to viewers for free, or, if you fancy more advanced features, a paid monthly premium will be charged.
The premium version, available at  $10 per month, will enable it‘s users to access ad-free content and also give them unlimited access to tracks as well as offline storage.
A spokesperson for Google said that they always aim to make viewers‘ YouTube experience better:
“œWe‘re always working on new and better ways for people  to enjoy YouTube content across all screens, and on giving partners more opportunities to reach their fans,“
The YouTube subscription service will be also be compatible with other Google services and products.
No official date has been confirmed for the launch, although some sources say it might be early 2014.
Source: HumanIPO