Pocketography: the democratization of photography

Almost everyone now has a smartphone, each equipped with a camera that can be used with a variety of photo editing apps available, offering effects and filters that make sunsets look like 7th heaven and ‘selfies’ look like pieces of art.
As a result, life and history are being documented in a totally different way, by everyone (with smartphone sales to surpass regular phone sales this year for the first time), right from their pocket. And don’t forget the rapid rate at which these images are being shared globally.
This is the democratizaion of photography where everyone is a photographer and the best camera is really the one you always carry with with you.
The infographic below from iStockphoto illustrates some interesting statistics including global mobile phone sales, the increase of instant photo sharing and the evolution of the mobile camera.
Take a look below for these and more:

Pocketography: the democratization of photography, iStock visual trends, March 2013