Windows 8.1 to launch in mid-October

While Microsoft unveiled plans to release an update for Windows 8 at the beginning of the year, it has been slow to announce any type of release schedule. We now finally know it is planning a release in roughly two months. The RTM build is still on track for manufacturers; they will receive it at the end of August.
The OS, along with the hardware carrying it, will be available to the public in mid-October. Windows 8 alienated many people with its touch-based mind set. No need to fret, though; Windows 8.1 will see the return of the Start button, insofar as there’s now a Start icon fixed to the lower-left corner of the screen.
We’re not sure if Windows 8.1 is distinct enough to win over folks who’ve been sceptical of Windows 8, but they may want to take another look. Microsoft is certainly hoping that people take to the update more kindly than its predecessor.
Source: ZDNet