Women24 survey reveals online behaviour in SA

Women24 recently conducted a survery with 2 000 of its readers, the aim of which was to help marketers and ad agencies discover what makes South African women tick through their online behaviour.
The survey findings reveal that Women24 readers are highly engaged online. 83% of the respondents said they used the Internet to gather information, 78% of them regularly take online reviews into consideration when shopping and 33% watch online videos at least once a week. 21% also spend more than 3 hours a day on their phone or mobile device.
This active engagement online is reflected in Women24‘s Effective Measure numbers. Women24 features as the biggest female focused website in the Unique Browser category (Effective Measure‘s benchmark of choice) with an average of 267 689 UB‘s per month over the last 3 months. The site also recorded a total average of 1 846 845 Page Impressions over the last 3 months.
“œWomen24 is the top website for women in South Africa, consistently occupying this top spot in the benchmark measurement categories for the industry, proof that the content policies are meeting the needs of female readers“ says Gustav Goosen, CEO for The SpaceStation, the digital media sales agency that exclusively represent Women24.
“œOur survey has shown that the Women24 reader embraces being online and has a lifestyle geared towards living digitally,“ says Goosen. The results show that 50% of the respondents shopped online at least once a month, while 95% of them entered competitions online and 50% also confirmed they engage with online ads on a regular basis.
The Women24 reader is savvy and educated – 75% have a tertiary education and 44% earn more than R30 000 per month. But they also embrace family and down time, with 57% of the readers choosing a family as the ultimate female status symbol and 70% using their spare time to go on holiday in South Africa.
“œWe conduct surveys like these to assist our clients and agencies in understanding the people they are communicating with, and to help them and their team strategically make the best decisions for their campaigns,“ says Women24 Channel Manager at The SpaceStation, Vicki Steenkamp.
An infographic was also created to illustrates the survey results above. Click here to take a look.