Nokia no longer leader in domestic market

We have been aware of Nokia‘s troubles for some years now, but luckily they have started a turnaround in recent months. Their devices are starting to sell again, which we are happy to see. Unfortunately, it is not selling nearly as well as their competitors‘ devices. Now comes more bad news. Nokia‘s last remaining stronghold was their home market of Finland, where they still had the majority share at the end of last year.

In 2012 Nokia commanded 48 percent of the market in Finland. In the first quarter of this year, however, that dominance was lost and they cornered merely 33.6 percent of the Finnish market.
You probably won‘t need more than one guess to determine the new market leader, Samsung. They are now in the top spot with 36.1 percent market share, according to figures from IDC. An interesting figure shows that while Nokia‘s sales are evenly split between smartphones and “œmore basic“ phones, around 80 percent of the Samsung units sold were smartphones.
This comes just over a year after Samsung had overtaken Nokia in global phone shipments, smartphones or not. Samsung are also set to open a new research facility in Nokia‘s hometown of Espoo next month. They are now well and truly taking the fight to Nokia on their home turf.
Source: Wall Street Journal