The Scanadu Scout medical tricorder is here

In February, we reported that a $10 million X Prize was fueling a race to make the Tricorder, a fictional medical device featured on Star Trek,  a reality. The Tricorder is a handheld device used for sensor scanning  and data analysis to diagnose various ailments.
One of the contenders for this prize is the Scout, developed by Belgian digital entrepreneur Walter De Brouwer, the CEO of Scanadu. Scanadu, based at NASA‘s Ames Research Center in California,  makes medical technology devices for consumers.
However, the Scout was not originally intended for consumers but rather to provide a way for astronauts to monitor their health on the International Space Station and is built on Micrium, the same real-time operation system for SAM (Sample Analysis at Mars) on the Mars Curiosity rover.
6 months ago Scanadu released a prototype and now they are re-releasing the product in the form of an IndieGoGo campaign that has already raised over $275, 000 and where people were invited to pre-order the device. Scanadu was offering the first 1000 backers a Scout for $149 which has now sold out. According to Scanadu, the Scout will be available to the public from March 2014 for $199.
Basically the Scout reads your vital signs and lets you monitor your own temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate and  blood pressure and detect possible abnormalities from wherever you are, without having to visit a GP or hospital. All you have to do is hold the device up to your temple for 10 seconds.
The results are then sent to your smartphone via an app, that can hold data for multiple people, where you can store and  track your results over time.
For more about Scanadu’s Scout watch the video below:

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Source: Mashable