Infographic: Mxit celebrates one year of open APIs

Mxit is celebrating one year of open APIs and the launch of its mobi portal in April 2012 with an infographic.
Since its launch a total of 126 developers have launched 219 apps.
The 2012 to 2013 growth saw between five to 35 apps published each month, taking the total number of apps on the platform from 209 in March 2012 to 428 in March 2013.
In terms of categories, entertainment leads the way with 23% and strategy games leads the games category with 19%.
Of the platform’s in-app advertising where developers can receive a 70%  share of the profits generated Mxit‘s Sarah Rice said that “œMxit launched in-app advertising in June 2012. Since then we have seen that the split between revenue coming from in-app spending (Moola) and advertising has settled into a 60/40 split. 60% Moola and 40% advertising across all our applications. “œ
Check out the infographic below:
mixit presentation april 2013