Samsung to expand Music Hub to non-Samsung devices

Samsung’s SVP for Samsung Media Services TJ Kang has told The Next Web that the company has plans to expand its Music Hub service to other non-Samsung devices.
Music Hub, a cloud based service that lets users upload all the music they have into one integrated mobile web service, is currently available to download from Google Play for the Samsung Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Note.
In this case, when the time comes, making the service available on Android powered devices for example, is a simple process.  
Kang has revealed that the plan to expand the Music Hub goes beyond limiting it to Samsung devices as the fact is that customers may own devices from more than one manufacturer. Making the Music Hub available to them then can make their lives much easier.
Rather, the expansion of the service will begin by making it available to other Samsung devices, so it is not limited to the Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Note. These devices include all Samsung phones, tablets and Smart TVs.
Then, the company will look into making it available across other manufacturers’ hardware. However, having said this, we highly doubt you will see it soon on iOS devices.