TomTom launches new app to simplify mileage registration

TomTom has launched a new app that makes it easier for drivers to keep an accurate log of their trips using their smartphone. The new WEBFLEET Logbook app for Android and iPhone helps drivers and businesses reduce mileage claim administration and create reliable logs for tax compliance.
A driver simply selects whether a journey is for business, private or commuting purposes, validating journey information on his mobile device.
The app works in combination with the in-vehicle TomTom‘s LINK tracking device which reports the trip information. Company trip records are simultaneously updated in TomTom‘s WEBFLEET fleet management system.
By fulfilling their obligations using their mobile device ““ before or after journeys ““ drivers can reduce the laborious paper work traditionally associated with mileage claims.
“œBy working in conjunction with the in-vehicle LINK tracking device, the WEBFLEET Logbook app minimizes driver involvement, maximising accuracy and reliability to mark a significant advancement from existing GPS smartphone apps.“ said Daan Henderickx of TomTom South Africa. “œSimplified and automated processes for companies and their drivers frees up valuable time for improved productivity.“

WEBFLEET Logbook app for Android

The WEBFLEET Logbook app enables additional information to be added by the driver, including the specific purpose of the journey and customer contact details. The intelligent app also learns from previous driver journeys, automatically suggesting trip information for faster and easier logbook handling.
In addition, employees can register themselves as the drivers of specific vehicles allowing fleet managers to identify exactly who is driving, where and at what time, if proof is needed.
The logbook app is available on iOS and Android for R79.99 and supports the following languages: English, German, Dutch, Danish and French.
To benefit from the new WEBFLEET Logbook app a WEBFLEET subscription and track and trace LINK box is needed.