Samsung's Smart App Challenge for Developers

Samsung has introduced the Smart App Challenge 2012, a global app competition aimed at boosting the mobile ecosystem for GALAXY Tab and GALAXY Note users.

The contest is divided into two categories – “˜Samsung Apps Super Apps‘ and “˜Best S Pen Apps‘. A total of 80 entries will be selected as winners, receiving a record total of $4.08 million in prize money along with a variety of promotional benefits.
The challenge is open to all mobile application developers across the globe. Developers who wish to participate should sign up directly on the App Challenge website ( and register their apps on Samsung Apps. Registration will run until 30th September 2012.
“œGiven the size of prize money and a variety of other benefits, we expect the competition will foster the growth of the ecosystem for GALAXY Tab and GALAXY Note applications,“ said Craige Fleischer, Director of Mobile Communications at Samsung Electronics SA. “œSince their launch, the GALAXY Tab and GALAXY Note, along with Samsung GALAXY smartphones, have become must-have items for the smarter lifestyle. The Samsung Smart App Challenge will greatly enhance application choices for these devices so users can enjoy a richer experience.“
Contest entrants will be divided into two categories. In the “œSamsung Apps Super Apps“ segment, winning entries will be decided by the public, with the 30 most downloaded games and 30 most downloaded non-game apps winning a share of the prize money. In the “œBest S Pen App“ segment, a panel of judges will decide the winning entries, which will consist of 20 innovative applications which use S Pen‘s functionality in interesting and experiential ways.
Winning entrants will be rewarded with record-high prize money and a range of promotional benefits through Samsung‘s global channels. They will be given a chance to promote their apps through a variety of social media channels as well as other online and offline platforms such as Samsung Mobile, Samsung Apps and Samsung Developers.
For more information on Samsung Smart App Challenge 2012, please visit the challenge website ( or Facebook fan page for Samsung Apps (