Google Announces Flipboard Competitor, called "Currents"

Today Google announced its new Flipboard competitor, called Currents. The concept is simple – it functions as a magazine type interface for your favourite sites, and it is also a great way to discover new content. Currents is a new social publishing platform, which was only know as Propeller before it was official launched, but today Google is rolling it out to Android, iPhone and iPad. Publishers can choose how they want their site to display, using HTML5 tools. You can go download Google Currents right now from the relevant Appstores / Markets, or just click here. There is some great content on already, and you simply choose the categories you are interested in. All the big online news sources are there.

Publishers have significant freedom with layouts and design, and great monitoring tools with plug ins into Google Analytics, and the end result can include AdSense content as well. The design can also be defined based on class of device – for example, the content can be displayed differently on tablet than a phone. Rich features like video plays right there in the published pages.

We built a custom version of Bandwidth Blog for Currents – just click here. If you do not have Currents, the link will first let you install the app on your Android or iOS tablet or phone. Let us know what you think!