LinkedIn Unveils New Groups Statistics Dashboard

LinkedIn recently announced on its official blog that it has unveiled a new statistics dashboard for groups so admins can gain insight into the growth, activity and demographics of their groups. The dashboard is available to every group on the business social networking site with relevant information about the group being delivered in an info-graphic type display.
LinkedIn Data Visualization Designer Anita Lillie explaines that “œWe‘ve designed each info-graphic view to highlight the most important signals you‘ll need to help you understand your group better.”
While all the information is summarised on the Group Statistics dashboard, it can be further divided into the three different areas: growth, activity and demographics.
The activity panel focusses and comments and discussion as well as recent job and promotion counts for the group. In the growth area, users can see how the group has grown over time and how many members the group has gained. The demographics view shows exactly who is in the group including location, position, seniority level and industry type.
LinkedIn has been placing a greater emphasis on its Groups feature recently and last week, the company announced that its members created more than 1 million groups.