Web Africa now Top Rated ADSL provider in SA

Looks like Web Africa did very well in the latest MyBroadband survey. Based on Value for Money, Ease of Use, Billing, Customer Service, Tech Support and Overall satisfaction, the scores are averaged to find the winner amongst South Africa’s top ADSL ISP’s. The survery base was 3072 users, of which 1811 were ADSL users. Not surprisingly, Telkom came stone last. It scored lowest in every single category.
Web Africa scored consistently in the top three for all the categories, which is an admirable performance. Second and third place overall goes to Openweb and Afrihost. As part of the survey, Mybroadband also found that Web Africa customers are least likely to want to move to another ISP.
Good on Mybroadband to help us find the ISP to go for, and also who to avoid!
Here is the full findings of the survey: (Click the image to enlarge)

Source: Mybroadband

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