Ever wish you Could Record Everything you See in Life? Look at The Lifelapse Experiment

OK, we have all been in situations where we wish we could record something we see , or a conversation, right? First off, dont think of the beach, think of real life situations which we can record and document, and also share. The Lifelapse Experiment decided to do this using a camera we all carry around all day, our cellphones. At present they are only aiming it at iPhone, and they are even showing off a special bag to carry the phone around you neck in order to record everything in front of you, called the “Lifepouch”. I dont particularly like the idea of carrying an expensive phone around your neck, so it might not be to handy if you walk around in shady neighbourhoods. At present the biggest challenge of Lifelapse is a lack of reason for people to use the app:

“œWe aren‘t really sure about applications for people in real life““we want to provide people with the tools to capture their life,“ he said. “œThen we will see what they do with it.“

Battery life is also hit pretty hard, chowing the iPhone battery within 4 hours. But the developers are treating it as an experiment first before an actual usable product. So you can look forward to even more photos and videos on social networks like Facebook, but there is a lot more potential uses. One area I think it will be awesome – next time you get pulled over by Metro police, you can have proof of being bribed. That might be reason enough to get it, right? Watch out law enforcement, you might be being watched soon enough…
Source: AllthingsD