The Top 5 Twitter clients for iPhone out now

So you might be a seasoned twitter user, or you are eager to get a feel for this “tweet” thing everyone is talking about. Now you obviously just head over to, but you know all the cool kids are doing it directly from their phones. Luckily its pretty easy to dive into the world of twitter with the following Twitter clients on iPhone:
5) Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the great web-based clients for your PC, so its only natural for them to focus on the iPhone as well. The interface is clean and uncluttered, and very smooth. Integration with Foursquare works well – so if you want to save switching between Twitter and Foursquare, Hootsuite might just be perfect for you. One disadvantage is that you have to use the built in URL shortener.

4) Tweetdeck

Now I know there are some Tweetdeck fanatics – but I do not find it the best Twitter client for iPhone. I find it too busy, even though I do like the white text on black theme. There is also Facebook integration should you want that – but its really limited. One of the advantages is that if you use Tweetdeck on your PC, you can easily import all your collumns to your phone, and its syncs your unread messages. One small thing that bothers me is that Tweetdeck is still optimised for the Retina display. How long has iPhone 4 and the latest iPod Touch been out?
3) Twitteriffic

While its not my favourite Twitter app, Twitteriffic is always a pleasure to use because they do not stick with the boring, dull, text heavy interfaces some of the other apps use. Tweets are marked in colours – with a different colour for mentions and messages. Unfortuantely it is not free, but the ads do not really bother too much. Small details like geotagging and image previews seems to be missing on the free version.

2) Seesmic

One thing I always like about Seesmic is that they have unique interfaces – while this version is not as pretty as the Seesmic for Windows Phone 7 version, it does have a unique “Spaces” environment which reminds me of Expose on Mac OS X. If you use a variety of social networks, Seesmic currently also supports Myspace, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Flickr, Blogger, and you can even save your tweets on Evernote.

1) Twitter for iPhone

This app used to be called Tweetie, which has always been the Twitter app that other apps tried to mimic. Small details in the interface make it an absolute pleasure to use. For example – you know that small “pull down to refresh” interface feature some apps use? Tweetie was the app that did it first. In fact Tweetie was so good that Twitter decided to buy it from Atebits, and then rebranded it as the official Twitter app on iPhone. Its very quick and integrates well with all the necessary Twitter features. My app of choice. The iPad version looks even better.