How to enable free "Find my iPhone" functionality on your Apple iDevice

Remember we told you that Find My iPhone was a free surprise with the iOS 4.2 update (you can read the full iOS 4.2 rundown here)? It is currently free for all iPhone 4, iPad and latest iPod Touch users, but with some effort, anybody can activate in older iPhones as well. We will show you how.
If you have an iPhone 4, iPad, or latest iPod Touch:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Mail, Contact, Calendars
  3. Add Account
  4. MobileMe
  5. Type in your iTunes account details (the same account you use to buy apps)
  6. After Agreeing to the Terms of Conditions and verifying, simply slide the Find my iPhone setting to “On”.

Now if you actually want to track your phone, go and download the Find my iPhone app from another iDevice, enter your Apple ID, and just like that you can track your device, make it ring, make it display a message or even remotely wipe it once you have given up hope of finding it.
You can also track your phone from any internet connected PC – fire up your browser, go to, and log in with your Apple ID. It works remarkably well.
Now Apple gave this functionality to only the latest devices in its lineup, so how do activate it for your older iPhone? Pretty easy – get a friend’s iPhone 4, activate the Find My iPhone just as explained above, and then enter your own Apple ID. Once activated, you can go to your own older iPhone and simply enter then again use the above registration procedure. If its activated on your older iPhone, the iPhone 4 can still be switched back to another Find My iPhone account. Just remove the older MobileMe account, and start from scratch.
(Just one thing – any iPhone 4 can only register only 3 Apple ID’s, so make sure with your friend if its OK…)
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