Obox Mobile announced

The SA based wordpress design pros over at Obox have gone and made it easy for any wordpress site owner to go “mobile”. And I dont mean those standard iPhone plugins which just redact the posts and give them neat iPhone buttons. No, this is a plug and play solution that instantly makes sites look professional, as if they were made to run on a mobile phone. And its not iPhone only – its optimized for webkit browsers, so your Android and Nokia site visitors will be treated to the same effects. Current features that can be enabled in Obox Mobile include:

  • Touch operated feature post slider
  • Automatic orientation adjustment
  • Menu management
  • Search bar
  • Commenting (including threaded comments)
  • Logo uploader
  • Background uploader
  • Advert management for mobile
  • Theme switcher
  • Automatic upgrades

I tried out the site demo’s and I was pleasantly surprised – sliders loaded quickly and the effects were pretty great considering they were rendered inside a browser. I was especially impressed by the orientation changes – images rerender automatically to fit different widths, and resolutions. So whether you use iPhone (Retina display or not), or one of the many different Android resolutions out there, the orientation changes works without problems.   I patiently wait for the first sites to start using this, and this would probably be soon enough, seeing as it is merely a plug and play add on for wordpress.

As a bonus if you go ahead and purchase Obox Mobile over the next month you can be entered into a draw to win a brand new iPhone 4. What better way to demo your brand new mobile enabled site? It could not be any easier to enter: Once you’ve purchased your copy of the framework, you’ll automatically be taken to a “tweet this” screen. Push the button and BANG, you’re in with a chance.
Have a go and demo Obox Mobile, type this URL into your phone and watch the magic happen: demo.obox-design.com/oboxmobile