Buy Gigabyte because… The Parlotones say so?

Gigabyte have signed up The Parlotones, purveyors extraordinairé of mediocre radio rock, to sell their latest line of notebooks. You’ll see Kahn, Glenn, Paul and Neil* staring into different directions and looking suitably unimpressed in the latest NAG, punting the new M1305 series lappy. For diehard Parlotones fans, there will also be a “limited edition” version available with the band’s logo gloriously spread out on the top.
A Rectron sales agent confirmed that the Special Edition laptop comes in two versions, retailing at around R7 000 and R8 600 respectively, and sales of the branded compooters are coming on nicely. To each his own, we suppose, to each his own.

Comes with Bluetooth, Windows 7 and the most depro CPU on the market.

* Doesn’t have the same ring as John, Paul, George and Ringo, now does it?