The lit-up spheres don't just show show who is P1 and who is P2. They can change colour depending on what is happening in the game. Neat!

We‘re coming to this a wee bit late but in times of upheaval, some dead guy said, it behooves a wise man to sit back and let the facts sink in.
Playstation have unveiled their new motion controller, previously known as the Arc, at the 2010 Game Developers‘ Conference. The device, now dubbed the Playstation Move (inspiring name, don‘t you think?), will be out later this year.
As Gavin Mannion pointed out on LazyGamer, there isn‘t any getting around the fact that the Move (and its trusty subcontroller) is a lot like Nintendo‘s wiimote and nunchuk combination. It also looks like a sex toy, but perhaps that‘s best left to the mercy of 4chan. Given the rampant success of the Nintendo Wii at the cash register and the impending launch of Microsoft‘s rad-looking Natal technology sometime this year, Sony couldn‘t really be seen to be ignoring the motion control revolution. It‘s just that some us figured, them being Sony, that they‘d think of something more… well, revolutionary.
It seems so oddly familiar...

Having said that, the Move has every chance of usurping the Wii where hardcore gaming is concerned. With the PS3‘s distinctly more mature software bouquet, not to mention better graphics, we might see a bit of migration from Nintendo‘s little white console to Sony‘s big black one. By all accounts, the controller works like a charm, and PS3 owners are unlikely to need to splash their cash on a hardware upgrade in the vein of Nintendo‘s Wii MotionPlus, or as some like to call it, Wii-ShouldveMadeABetterController. As a bonus, no connector cable is needed between controller and subcontroller.
Time will tell. And so will you! Check out the first video footage of Sony‘s new thingamajig:

(By the way, did they steal this living room set from Nintendo? And the shiny, happy people with perfect teeth?)