Tiger Woods 11… now with Move

Unperturbed by Tiger Woods‘ wandering nine iron, EA are releasing the eleventh Tiger Woods game this June, right on schedule. (Well, they were hardly going to slap Ernie Els on the cover at the last moment, were they?)
Interestingly, the PS3 version will feature support for the new Arc Move motion controller, which hasn‘t been dated for release as of yet. So… as some people have pointed out, does this mean the Move will be out by 8 June (the American release date), or will it only reach us later? Sony have not put an exact date on the motion controller’s release, destined to do ruthless battle with Microsoft’s Natal device this Christmas.
The Game Developers Conference may provide more answers.
In typical EA fashion, the game is being published on all consoles. No PC, DSi or PSP iterations have been confirmed, although iPhone users will be happy to hear that the game will be gracing their greasy touchscreens as well.