Lara Croft in new T_mb R__der adventure

Crystal Dynamics, owned by Japanese studio Square Enix, has announced that it is working on a new game featuring Lara Croft.
The new game, called The Guardian of Light, will be released this year via digital download, which means us lucky Seffricans can enjoy it as soon as our European and American counterparts, for a change. No doubt we‘ll get some impressions on the game after a behind-closed doors demo that takes place on the 9th of March.
Oddly, the new game seems to be shying away from the “œTomb Raider“ label that had hitherto supported Lara‘s considerable, ahem, “œtalents“.
Before we conclude, let‘s remind ourselves why Lara is such a big deal in the first place:

Ah, yes. Now we remember.