WeFi and ROK to Launch WeROK, the Wi-Fi powered mobile portal

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WeROK is a newly launched Wi-Fi powered mobile portal that allows “low-cost” texting, free mobile email services, free-streamed mobile TV and mobile social network services. Coming to any Wi-Fi enabled Symbian S60 (3rd Editino) mobile phones and PCs, the free to download service is a joint effort by ROK Entertainment Group and WeFi“” the community-driven global Wi-Fi network.


“œWeROK is a unique development and a giant leap forward in mobile and web convergence,“ said Jonathan Kendrick, Chairman and CEO of ROK Entertainment Group.

Running on WeFi’s high-performance global network, WeROK is actually an advertising-supported mobile application that automatically connects your mobile phone to the best Wi-Fi spots whenever available. And in a growing network of over 20 million
access points, it wouldn’t have to be too hard to get the best access points if Internet has already been verified by other devices.
But the best thing is that these guys can and plan to reduce your phone bill each month. Apparently, tests showed that they can save up to 85% on text services compared with the traditional cost of an SMS. That’s the real power of unleashing mobile Internet applications and services over Wi-Fi, don’t you think?
We’re game. Download it at WeRok.net.