Nimbuzz Partners With Toshiba for the new TG01 Mobile

In a recently published survey by Nielsen Online the company stated that the incredible growth in popularity of social networking sites and blogs was largely due to the use of mobile phones which allows consumers to stay always online.


Nimbuzz, the only messaging company to have ever won the prestigious Red Herring Global 100 award, was chosen by Toshiba as its partner for the launch of the brand new TG01 handset. Expanding with over 20,000 new users each day, Nimbuzz will enhance the internet connectivity, web browsing experience and the social messaging capability of the mobile phone – that is all set to make its debut in the market.This strategic partnership is not just something that would benefit both the firms immensely, but also adds to the user experience of the TG01.
Combining social networking and mobiles services seamlessly, Nimbuzz has been known to provide top notch VoIP services that include Skype, Google and Yahoo Messenger and also access to sites like Facebook and MySpace from the comfort of your mobile.
Designed to perfectly suit the tech-savvy generation of today, the Nimbuzz addition to TG01 ensures that you stay hyper-connected and always in the loop, wherever you go and whatever time it might be. Seems like a win-win situation, don’t you think?