WordPress 2.7.1 – Fewer Bugs to Deal With

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it! That’s why many webmasters choose not to update for the latest release of WordPress, but when it comes to WordPress 2.7.1 you should consider it as the new version has received some pretty good reviews from all around and has been hailed as one of the best bug-free version among all the ones dished out thus far.
More like a maintenance release than a security release, the new 2.7.1 update fixes 68 tickets and one of the pleasant aspects is that if you’re already running wp 2.7 it will only take like 10 seconds and a push of a button (via the Tools → Upgrade menu) to have it up and running on your blogs. Or you can download it.
For WordPress fans, the biggest positive out of the new version is the highly improved Plugins Directory Search which now uses Sphinx to power all the search requests. It works far better than any of the plug-in directory searches from previous versions and the few lingering bugs in this new tool will be fixed in the next release according to the guys working on it.
The initial 2.7 version has been so good – considering how much things evolved since wp 2.3 or wp 2.5, that there has been little that needed change, but with the 2.7.1 update working so well, WordPress has decided to put away the 2.8 version for a while and bring it out when it is fully ready. Wise decision indeed!