Google Chrome 2.0 in Pre-Beta Version

If you are eager to delve into Google Chrome 2.0 right away and wish to get the first feel of it, the pre-beta is now available for all those who fancy their hand at it.

Google Chrome 2.0

This quite clearly is not something for people who would much rather wait for the final thing, but more for the anxious developers wanting to experience cutting edge Chrome.
Chrome 2.0 obviously sports several updates and new features that include support for user scripts, comfortable profile switching, form autofill for every page that you can find on the web and the much loved full page zooming.
It is not yet fully compatible with features such as Greasemonkey, but considering that this is pre-beta version, you would not worry about that too much.
If you wish to wait for the beta version, then you could just ignore all the hoopla and look the other way but in case you want a piece of the action then you will need to download the Google Chrome Channel Chooser and join the Dev channel, so that you can work with it. [via LifeHacker]