280 pages, free web marketing textbook by Quirk

Do you remember Quirk? They are the famous people who developed Search Status last year, the much needed Firefox extension. In March we got word that they’re going to release BrandsEye, the online reputation monitoring tool, but this time it’s something different, and Charl warned us.
Before the rest of us, he managed to get his eyes on the Quirk eMarketing book and said that it has “so much juicy info and a lot of recent case studies”. But what you know, the book is available for download and the best part, it’s for free.
eMarketing book
The Essential Guide to Online Marketing was released and licensed under the Creative Commons so that students, educators and practitioners in the corporate sector can use it and benefit from it.You can download the free full text book (12.6 MB pdf link) or buy it online or from one of the many book stores that are stocking it.
Just get to read it as fast as you can because it’s full of wisdom and great case studies. Let us know what you liked in it, and what you can add yourself.