Flying Solo SA the UnConference for freelancers and other soloists

It’s usually hard to explain to others that you’re working online and that it really pays off. They never understand what exactly you can do online other than IM, Hi5 and such. For most regular people, the internet is comprised of Google where they search for stuff, email and some entertainment websites.
The idea of making money on the Internet is a joke for them.
A bunch of people from South Africa including Pam Sykes, Jo Duxbury and Walter Pike decided to take action. They facilitated an event by soloists, for soloists, to spread the knowledge around.

Flying Solo SA

Flying Solo SA is going to be a UnConference for freelancers and other soloists that will begin on Saturday July 26 at the Wild Fig in Cape Town and one week later on Saturday August 2 in Johannesburg, at a venue to be confirmed.
Some of the discussion topics are

  • Marketing on a shoestring: What’s most effective? And how do we turn the recession to our advantage?
  • What we can learn from the suits: Managing clients, managing money, managing contracts.
  • Getting overseas clients and offshore income streams.
  • Support networks and collaborations that work.
  • Killing the WAB monster ““ what really works to stop procrastination?
  • Systems, accounts, tax and other scary housekeeping stuff.
  • Making money: Setting rates, how to charge, dealing with banks.
  • What makes a happy client?

Just seeing the topics and I know it’s going to be a great place to attend, so if you are from Cape Town or Johannesburg you may not want to miss it. Check out the Flying Solo website and get your name on the list to make sure you’ll have a chair at the UnConference.
If you want to sponsor the whole thing, don’t be shy, the guys are waiting for your ideas.