Local blogging celebs launch gadget blog, Nudjit

Nudjit is the brain child of Nic Haralambous who approached Justin Hartman and Gregor Rohrig to collaborate on a locally flavoured gadget blog. All three founders are devoted gadget geeks (check out the ‘gadgets we use’ page) and hence Nudjit was born.
If you look at global trends some of the most popular websites around the world are gadget and tech blogs and this clearly proves there is a market for a blog that covers gadget reviews in South Africa. Coupled with the fact that South African consumers don’t have a single independent resource to get objective reviews from which opened a market they could tap into.
South Africans love gadgets but not every gadget in the world will work in South Africa. Nudjit reviews, often harshly, how these cool new toys relate to our local market and try to give consumers information that they can’t find elsewhere. Will Nudjit be a success? They’re certainly on the right track with all the crucial blogging startup elements in place – good writers, better design and a proven topic.
Some of the topics Nudjit covers is audio and visual, computing, photography, tech videos and Apple software. The blog uses the popular open source blogging platform – WordPress – which is put so good use with an awesome design.
Finally, the latest tech news from Afrigator also streams onto the Nudjit homepage.
Thanks must go out to Justin for sending me the scoop on Nudjit.