Afrigator Mobile v2

Afrigator just announced that they moved to the next level with an improved version of their mobile site ( so that you can access Blogs, Podcasts, News and Videos on your mobile phone, without even remembering the URLs.
I tried it on my Nokia E50 and I have to tell you that it’s looking great. The service really does what I expected, easy and fast navigation. This is Afrigator v2, which is a tweaked version of their first mobile platform and the guys promised to bring more features to it, soon.
“Afrigator has really stepped up their game and become what they always aimed to be – a social media aggregator” is what Charl concluded when Afrigator Beta launched in November and believe me I couldn’t have said it better now that I’m looking at an improved product.
By the way, if you have ideas for them to improve it, why don’t you contact them and tell them what else you need. For me, it’s enough. I need to accommodate first. What about you?