Microsoft's new project code named Milan

It’s not often these days that you see a piece of technology that makes your draw drop, yet Microsoft have done that to me with Microsoft Surface. If there’s a better piece of gadget eye candy I’d like to see it
Microsoft Surface is a touchscreen computer that allows you to interact with pieces of digital content as if they were physical objects on the table – to move, expand and even transfer content between physical devices, to create a music play list through drag and drop using your fingers. It even recognizes physical objects on the table and allows you to interact with them, from a wifi camera to a beer glass (so you can order another).
Take a look at this video over on TechCrunch that shows how easy it can be to transfer a picture straight off of a digital camera to the table, then from the table to a smart phone, without using any wires, just regular wireless network technology.

First users of the $10,000 device are retail outlets, restaurants and bars, and casinos. The device will be available later this year, and as manufacturing ramps up, it will most likely drop in price to a point where it could be a realistic addition to your living room. Imagine controlling your TV/Home Theatre through the table touch interface, rather than looking for a remote control.