Freevision Play is a new free streaming service in South Africa

There is a new free option to access local TV and radio channels online in South Africa with the launch of Freevision Play, an over-the-top (OTT) streaming platform from signal distributor Sentech.

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Freevision Play aims to address the issue of limited access to quality content for many South Africans. By leveraging existing internet infrastructure, Sentech is making informative and entertaining programming freely available across the country. This not only empowers viewers but fosters national engagement and learning.

Local broadcasters gain a wider audience and potential advertising revenue through Freevision Play. The platform eliminates the need for them to develop and maintain their own expensive OTT services. Sentech describes it as a “multitenant platform” offering viewers a diverse range of channels while providing broadcasters with new reach.

Currently, Freevision Play features channels like KZN TV, Cape Town TV, and Soweto TV, alongside dedicated streams for religious programming and the Presidential Inauguration. The maximum resolution varies by channel, with some offering high-definition (1080p) and others standard definition (576p).

Freevision Play is accessible to anyone with an internet connection in South Africa. The platform offers a flexible and user-friendly experience through a free ad-supported streaming TV model. Viewers can download the Freevision Play app on their smartphones, tablets, or smart TVs, or visit the website to start streaming.

Sentech’s plan for an online streaming service dates back to 2013, reflecting their commitment to keeping South Africa at the forefront of technological advancements.  However, the initial project faced delays. Finally, in February 2023, Sentech announced the details of Freevision Play, aiming to bridge the gap in content accessibility for South Africans.

Industry leaders in broadcasting have voiced their support for the platform, recognizing its potential to benefit both viewers and content creators. With Freevision Play, Sentech is taking a significant step towards a more inclusive and connected South African media landscape.