Highly anticipated Sims competitor, Life by You, cancelled

Paradox Interactive’s ambitious life simulation game, Life by You, has been officially cancelled, the company announced on Monday. The project, first unveiled in 2023, aimed to shake up the genre with real-time simulation and seamless exploration. However, unforeseen hurdles proved too difficult to overcome.

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“While the game had a number of strengths,” explained Mattias Lilja, Paradox’s deputy CEO, in a forum post, “we reached a point where more development time wouldn’t guarantee a release that met our standards.”

Life by You’s journey was marked by delays. Originally slated for an Early Access launch in September 2023, it was pushed back to March 2024, then June, before being indefinitely delayed in May. This slow burn reflects the development challenges Paradox encountered.

Despite the cancellation, the hunger for fresh life simulation experiences remains strong. Former XCOM developers recently formed Midsummer Studios to create their own life sim, while Electronic Arts continues work on Project Rene, a free-to-play Sims title. While Life by You won’t join their ranks, its cancellation underscores the ongoing quest for an innovative Sims competitor.